Yours Never Reached Mine.

Yours Never Reached Mine.
Screenshots, printed each Tuesday in The Harvard Crimson.
Dimensions variable. 2012.

In 2004, a young girl in New York made a sexually explicit video using her mobile phone. She sent it to a boy she had a crush on. He sent it to all of his friends; they sent it to all of their friends; the video went viral. It was the first event of its kind to teach a generation of young New Yorkers about the ubiquitous risk of transferability in the face of digital recording devices and mobile phones. 

In 2012, Stern wrote a series of letters via Facebook message to the woman who was the girl who made the video. Stern removed the woman's name and anything revealing her identity, and had the letters published in the Arts section of Harvard’s newspaper, inserting them into a smaller-scale, analogue system of distribution, and subjecting the letters to an editing process that the girl’s video never received.


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