Rehearsal for Crawl Space Expiration

Rehearsal for Crawl Space Expiration, 2018, 19th century foundation vent, insulation foam, installation detritus, single-channel video with sound. 15 minutes, looped.

Rehearsal for Crawl Space Expiration is comprised of a video installed inside of a 19th century foundation vent placed on the floor, insulated with insulation foam. The video in the vent shows a puppet of the ghost of a building in Richmond, VA called the "White House of the Confederacy" rehearsing its death on loop, as if expiring in the crawl space below the vent. The puppet ghost poltergeist takes its last raspy, troubled breaths, stops breathing, disappears down into the dark, and then begins again.

Here the piece is installed with a Chiavari banquet chair from the installation version of Satan plays his favorite trick.

© 2019 Sara Stern